Swimmers rescued off Conimicut Point


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  1. Sorry Warwick FD but there needs to be better training and quicker response time. Your Dingy motor failed. The current could have taken you all if my boat and crew didn’t immediately respond. Those four near drownings were already in my boat when you arrived. But there were 6 swimmers crying for help simultaneously. These guys were exhausted and acidotic and the poor young boy who tried to save his dad will never forget. God put us there, my girlfriend heard their cries but her son and his cousin put on life vests and jumped in without hesitation. Those guys were dead weight and panicked. The jet skis that came were a relief and were able to get the 6 year old and his endangered rescuer to shore. You guys have no idea how courageous my crew was and I’m so proud we saved those lives yesterday. I am a physician who has been in emergency situations but this was the most scary one in my 18 years as a Pediatrician. Thank you Jet ski responders and those of you who didn’t react to my girlfriends screams for help should be ashamed of yourselves! This story had to be shared and there should be better awareness of this deadly area to the public. No children should be swimming at this spot without life jackets period!

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