Bullet Proof Your Swimmer Shoulders In 20-Min | Swimmer Strength


9 out of 10 elite-level swimmers battle some form of shoulder injury. Develop your own routine and get phenomenal inspiration with these movements:

  1. ½ Kneeling Overhead Pull-Rotation x10, 10
  2. Pass Throughs x5
  3. ½ Kneeling 1-Arm Trunk Rotation x10, 10
  4. Low External Rotation x10
  5. Low Separations x10
  6. 1-Arm High External Rotation x10, 10
  7. Pull-Apart x5
  8. Diagonal Pull-Apart x5, 5
  9. Bradford Press x10
  10. Chest Flyes x15
  11. 1-Arm High-Separation x5, 5
    Main Shoulder Stability – 2 rounds:
    1. 1-Arm Arnold Press x10, 10
    2. Lift & Pull x5
    3. Wall Step x5, 5

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