15 Of The Best Swimmers Land Training Exercises For An all Over Body Workout


Session One

Ability Beginner To Advanced { work within your ability }


  • 6-8 Minutes Light Mobility
  • 5 mins light Aerobic work – such as star jumps or jogging

Session 1-2 times weekly

Hard times currently if your a swimmer, of any ability, and although across the world certain countries are easing back on lockdown restrictions many as with the UK are still without swimming pools, and swimming pool training.

Why does land training work?

A good regular land training program will ultimately impact on:

  • Improved swimming stroke techniques
  • Swimming speed
  • General swimming strength
  • Swimming endurance
  • Swimming dives starting and turning

Below are some of the swimmer’s exercises for land-based training,

TRY 10 REPS then REST { your choice } – 3 { or } your choice sets

  1. Front Plank > The font plank has to be one of the most recognized services for improving core strength, this simple but effective exercise is suitable for all ages, comes in many formats but with one aim goal, to improve core strength. TRY 10 REPS then REST – 3 sets
  2. Basic Lunges > A simple exercise for boosting glutes, hamstrings, and around leg strength, again suitable for all ages however take care not to overextend the knees, if you do suffer from poor knee health consult your doctor first. TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  3. Squats > The humble squat, a fantastic exercise for building leg strength, the simple squats can be undertaken with no other weight than own body weight, shoulders back as you squat, with feet around hip-width apart. TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  4. The Superman > A great swimmer exercise for improving your posture and building back muscles along with glutes. Start by lying down on your tummy then slowly, stretch your arms straight out above your head – just like Superman flying – then flex your glutes and tighten up your tummy muscles, from here lift your right arm and left leg and hold, lower your arms/legs in a controlled fashion, then repeat – TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  5. Plyometric jump – Plyometric exercises build explosive power, so perfect if your a competitive swimmer, starts and turns off the wall can all be improved. Start with feet at hip-width apart, use your arms as you drive your legs upwards into a vertical jump, aiming to land softly before repeating. TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  6. Skipping > Ok, you will require a skipping rope, but, the benefits of skipping for swimming fitness are great. Try a 60-second nonstop skip, TRY 10 REPS then REST — 5 sets
  7. Hip Bridges > A good lower back core exercise, start by lying on your back, feet flat on the floor, then slowly raise your floor towards the sky, don’t overextend, and stop when you have achieved a straight line spine. TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  8. Cycle sit-ups > A focusing exercise on more of a rotational movement, like the sit-up it builds core abdominal strength, lying on your back, hands-on head, bring one knee at a time up the opposite elbow, as you do this use your core to stabilize the movement. TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  9. Squat Into A Jump > This is great swimmers exercise that works the hips, knees, perfect for creating power off the blocks, and off the wall. Start the exercise by lifting your right foot from the ground, standing on your left leg, then slowly lift your right knee, pull the leg towards the chest, then stretch, also stepping forward with your right foot. TRY 10 REPS then REST – – 3 sets
  10. Burpee + Press Up > Just a great all over exercise, the exercise starts in a press-up position, then bring your knees forward quickly, from here jump upwards, land softly, extend your legs backward, complete a press-up, and repeat: TRY 10 REPS then REST, – – 3 sets
  11. Supper Overload Press Ups > Simply Put – the exercise termed overload, meaning as many as possible, workout until failure, start the press up slowly, but be certain to carry out a good correct movement, keep going, until you can’t any longer proceed, then take a 2-minute rest, and repeat.
  12. Squat Thrusts > Start by getting into a press-up position, then bring one knee upwards towards your chin, from here extend your leg backward bringing the other leg forwards alternating the legs: a Non-Stop 20-second movement, then rest.
  13. Walking Lunges > Start by stepping forwards with the left foot, simply lunge downwards, from here exchange legs and lunges downwards, moving forwards repeat the movement 4 times on each leg, REST – 3 sets
  14. Pull-Ups > You will require a pull-up bar for this, the best position for all levels is to simply place hands on the bar about shoulder-width apart, from then pull upwards aiming for getting your chin to the bar before lowering back down again, then repeat, until you can not proceed. Rest, then repeat. 3 sets
  15. Box Jumps > Start with a small box, or even a simple step, start with feet apart, then jump upwards with power, slowly carefully jump backward before repeating 10 times, REST – 3 sets

After any work out it’s advised you undertake a 10-15 minutes stretch out

Guest post by Iee Stanbury, Experienced Swim Coach with 25 years + experience.


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