‘Maneater’ and the simple pleasures of being a killer shark


Maneater is a third-person shark sim and I flippin’ love it. Billed as a “SharkPG” by Tripwire Interactive, Maneater follows the exploits of a severely wronged bull shark. Cut from her mother’s belly at birth by famed hunter, Scaly Pete, and disfigured in her escape, our heroic Carcharhinus cuts her teeth patrolling the shoals and coasts of South Florida in search of revenge, growing from a level 1 pup barely able to take down a trout, to a level 30 Megalodon gleefully chewing through entire armadas of coast guard ships.

The goal of this game is to eat everything in sight and then wash that meal down with anything dumb enough to think it could hide from you the first time through. The main gameplay mechanic in Maneater involves you cruising through the water, monching on anything you can fit down your ever-growing gullet and avoiding larger predators until you’re big enough to bite them down to size. Your developmental progress is measured by how many nutrients in total you’ve consumed of protein, fats, minerals, and mutagen.

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