Can COVID-19 Coronavirus Live In Water? What About Drinking Water And Swimming


When it comes to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the riskiest thing at swimming pools, hot tubs, and oceans is not the water itself. No, it’s the coughing, sneezing, panting, face-rubbing, and diarrhea-ing things that are in or next to the water: people. It’s also the things that people touch frequently such as guard rails, chairs, towels, and thongs.

So, the key once again will be doing what you should be doing on land: practicing good social distancing, good hand hygiene, good disinfecting (of objects), and good avoid-touching-your-enormous face. And if you see any random objects such as a sign post, a statue, or a thong, don’t touch it if you don’t have to do so. You don’t know where it has been. Actually, in the case of a thong, you know exactly where it’s been.

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