Shoulder Mobility Routine


If you’re experiencing neck and/or shoulder pain, give this routine a shot:

  1. T-Spine extension on the foam roller: 60 sec.
  2. Foam roll Lats: 60 sec. each side
  3. Pec Smash with ball: 60 sec. each side
  4. Lat stretch on stability ball: 60 sec. hold
  5. Prone dislocates w/dowel: 60 sec.
  6. Half-kneeling band pull-apart: 60 sec. (switch forward leg at 30 sec.)
  7. Prone swimmers w/hover: 60 sec.


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Production engineer and certified swim coach. Full-time IT consultant, spare-time swimming aficionado. 2 sons, 2 daughters and a wife. President of the Faroe Islands Swimming Association. Likes to run :-)

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