Top 7 Swimming Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020


As a passionate swimmer, you must be on a lookout for new information that could make your swimming technique better, improve your time, or simply allow you to learn more about swimming. If you aren’t cut out for sitting and reading a book for hours, there is a source of information that might be perfect for you – podcasts.

Podcasts are great to listen to while you are in the car, chilling at home, or doing some boring chores. The time passes quickly and you learn something new or entertaining. Podcasts have become very popular so there are so many choices. For all of you who are ready to listen to some awesome swimming podcasts in 2020, here are a few that you simply can’t miss out on.

1. The Effortless Swimming Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Australian National swimmer and coach Brenton Ford. Alongside his guests, he discusses speed and efficiency in the water that will lead to better results. Training hard doesn’t assure victory if you don’t know how to work on speed and efficiency.

The topics vary and you can find information on the open water swimming, triathlon swimming, and pool swimming. The podcast aims to “help make a complex sport really simple to better your swimming.” In this podcast, you can listen to advice by successful swimmers and coaches. Together with Ford, they try to come up with the best advice that can help you excel in your swimming career.

2. Champion’s Mojo

World Record Holders, Maria Parker and Kelly Palace bring you versatile swimming-related topics. From interviews to motivational talks, you can find it all in this podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to motivate, inspire, and educate you.

The odd-numbered shows are interviews with elite swimmers and coaches while even-numbered talk about mindset, health, motivation, and wellness. Depending on what you are looking for at the moment you can get advice from experienced swimmers or listen to some motivating talks that will keep you going.

3. Swimcerely with Spindrift

Do you want to learn more about your role models and favorite swimmers? The host of the podcast, Spindrift Beck gives you an opportunity to get to know professional and Olympic swimmers. Beck gets personal with her guests so that you can see that they can be just as confused, funny, and doubtful as you. As one of the guests, Jessica Hardy said, “Olympians are normal people. Why couldn’t it be you?”

Swimcerely with Spindrift gives you a chance to learn from the best, to hear their reflections on the journey, to know their likes, and dislikes. Overall, it helps you to get inspired by shared experiences. “Anyone who might have tried listening to podcasts and found them to be flat and uninteresting will find a solution in Swimcerely. The casual, natural flow of the conversation will keep your attention while you learn some valuable lessons,” explained Samantha Willis, a former swimmer and content editor at Studicus and WowGrade.

4. Kate Williams’s Podcast

Kate Williams knows how to introduce all the important topics any swimmer could ask for. This podcast will both teach you a lot and entertain you at the same time. She hosts professional swimmers, coaches, and anyone who can somehow contribute with their advice. Kate states that in her podcast she talks about “EVERYTHING related to swimming.”

Sometimes Kate talks alone and sometimes she brings in guests. The topics vary from swimmers’ lives before their career, useful books, high-school swimming, training tips, and so much more. You might come across your favorite swimmer or you might enjoy listening to Kate and her insightful stories.

5. Professional Swimming Workouts – Podcast

Swim coaches from around the world share their expert tips on the Professional Swimming Workouts website. Knowing that some people learn better while listening, they also have a podcast that can be just what you are looking for.

Ensure that the time you spend in the pool is time well spent. In the podcast, you can hear practical advice from the best of the best. “Anyone who is looking for applicable tips should start with this podcast. You’ll be surprised how listening to successful experts can boost your desire to work harder,” said Thomas Skinner, an educator at TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay.

6. Kick Set

The USA Swimming podcast creates an amazing series called Kick Set. USA Swimming as the National Governing Body for the sport of swimming features only the most insightful people in their podcasts. The Kick Set podcast will allow you to listen to coaches, athletes, and staff members.

The topics mainly revolve around various events and tips in the swimming world. This podcast won’t disappoint anyone. The guests are carefully picked and their knowledgeable perspective on different swimming topics might change your mindset.

7. Swim Smooth

Have you heard about the popular swimming blog Feel for the Water? If you have then you’ll be happy to hear that Swim Smooth podcast brings this blog to life. The hosts of the podcast are Adam Young and Paul Newsome. They interview athletes that are at the top of the swimming game. However, they also talk with less known individuals who have a positive outlook on the philosophy of swimming.

This podcast will not only help you improve your efficiency in the water but it will also inspire you to look at the future differently. Great words coming from great people might be just what you need.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts can have an enormous impact on us. They allow us to listen to wise people as if we are the ones who are speaking to them. No matter at which point in your career you are, these podcasts can cast a different light on your swimming ideals. With the different topics from swimming techniques to motivational talks, this can be the food to your mind and soul.

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