2 Kicks 1 Pull (Beginner) | Extending Your Breaststroke Technique


Breaststroke 2 Kick 1 Pull is a common drill done to improve streamlining and stroke length. In this Breaststroke Drill Tutorial, we are going to look at the beginner version of this drill and how it can help extend your Breaststroke technique.

Performing this Breaststroke drill is very similar to full stroke breaststroke, the difference being that instead of doing one leg kick and one arm pull per stroke cycle, you kick twice per stroke cycle.

When learning how to swim breaststroke it is key to remain as streamlined as possible. Try to make sure that every breaststroke kick you do, you finish with your feet coming together and your ankles outstretched.

If you wish to practice breaststroke at an elite level we recommend a variation of this drill (coming next week) to really enhance your race pace and timing!

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