Mysterious swimming pool found in abandoned Baltimore townhouse


Inner Harbor Homes highlights a foreclosed home in Baltimore with an unusual feature for an urban townhouse: a deep indoor swimming pool.

The home is hardly large enough to contain a hot tub, yet now accomodates a 15-ft pool on the ground floor. As this video makes clear, the interior is extensively modified around the pool: the kitchen is gone to make way for the pool itself and the floors above opened to create a multi-storey open space. There is a diving (?) platform up there. There’s a disquieting quality to the place. It maybe now exists only to serve the desires of the pool, which I propose we file under Euclid.

Someone spent a lot of money on this place, and whatever they were doing didn’t work out. The house, modernized but weird and blatantly dangerous, is on offer for $139k.

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