10 Reasons Every Woman Should Start Swimming


Some girls refuse to train in the pool, citing the risk of a cold, the presence of bacteria in the water, and in general the fact that swimming does not bring any visible results. As a rule, the number of opinions is approximately equal to the number of misconceptions, so we decided to dispel some myths. And at the same time tell you why you should do swimming anyway.

1. Swimming Makes Your Heart Healthy and Strong

In addition to the triceps and the press, swimming trains another very important muscle: the heart. The aerobic load that we receive during training in the pool strengthens this vital organ and helps it to perform its function without interruption. Which, in turn, leads to an improvement in blood flow throughout the body.

2. Swimming Is One of the First Survival Skills

Human cubs are born from water, and there are even a number of scientific theories that suggest that humans evolved from a water creature as well. Newborn children can swim from birth, however, if parents did not begin to consolidate this skill during the first weeks of life, then it will be forgotten over time. What is all this talking about? This suggests that

  • swimming ability given to us from birth
  • the ability to swim is a survival skill – otherwise, the fetus could not develop in the aquatic environment.

And from the point of view of adulthood, the ability to swim can be a very valuable skill when it comes to your life, the life of your child and the lives of other people. This is something you should at least learn, even if you don’t feel like swimming all the time. The ability to swim can be compared with the ability to drive a car – if, in everyday life, you can afford to use a taxi, then in case of emergency, you may be the only one who will be able to drive. Or cross the lake.

3. Swimming Makes Us Happier

Women who swim often smile more and worry less about various troubles. They are doing well both at work and in the family, it is easier for them to concentrate on their tasks. In the end, we all subconsciously want to go to sea when the work schedule has become too busy. Water calms, it helps muscles to relax, and the circulatory system to restore balance. Therefore, headaches disappear after the pool, and pleasant tiredness after training contributes to a fast and healthy sleep.

4. This Is the Only Sport That Has No Side Effects and Has Virtually No Contraindications

Swimming has no side effects, such as running or weight training. In water, the load on the joints is practically zero, so you can swim as much as you like without any harm to the body.

As for contraindications for swimming, this list is also extremely short and is associated with extreme health conditions, such as undergoing chemotherapy after removal of the tumor. The only contraindications to swimming for a healthy woman is the period of menstruation.

5. Swimming Makes You Smarter

During exercise in water, blood flow to the brain increases by 14%, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiology. Scientists believe that this is due to the pressure of water on the chest, which, in turn, improves blood flow to the brain. Thus, regular swimming gives the brain the opportunity to work faster, generate more ideas and stay in concentration longer, and this is especially important when your work is connected with something creative.

One of the translators of The Word Point translation service claims that he has been involved in swimming since quitting office work and switched to freelance – and this is a great way to deal with a sedentary lifestyle, change the environment, recharge your batteries and reload your brain.

6. Swimming Helps You Lose Weight

  • half an hour of active swimming burns up to 400 kcal
  • when swimming, metabolism is accelerated by 50%
  • when swimming, there will be no muscle overload and joint sprains
  • swimming is an effective way to fight cellulite.

7. And Prepare the Body for Pregnancy / Bearing / Childbirth

  • Swimming gently and painlessly stretch the muscles of the thighs, perineum, which is extremely important for natural childbirth;
  • Swimming normalizes heart rate, improve blood circulation;
  • Water perfectly tones the veins on your legs, preventing the appearance of varicose veins and edema;
  • Due to the high energy consumption during swimming, you can easily and quickly lose excess weight gained during pregnancy, or even be able to prevent its appearance.

In addition, in the case of an incorrect position of the baby in the womb, swimming is simply necessary for you. The feeling of weightlessness, the simultaneous presence of mother and baby in the water in 95% of cases guarantees the correct location of the baby by the time the pregnancy ends.

8. Swimming Gives You More Energy Than You Spend

In fact, water is a huge bunch of positive energy of colossal power. When you are in the water, you draw this energy, but its initial amount does not decrease. In other words, water is an inexhaustible source of life that energizes you. Even fatigue after swimming is felt differently than fatigue after jogging – if after jogging you feel complete exhaustion of strength, then after swimming you will feel an energy boost. And this newfound energy can be redirected to any channel and to any aspect of your life.

9. Swimming Stops Time

According to research by Indiana University, the biological age of swimmers is 20 years less than those who prefer to pedal the bike most of the time. Scientists say that swimming normalizes blood pressure, cholesterol levels in the blood, helps to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. In other words, this is a recipe for inexhaustible youth.

10. Swimming Is a Great Alternative to the Trendy Dragging of Iron in the Gym

If you were in the gym, then you probably saw girls who lift dumbbells, the weight of which is more than their own. Moreover, they are proud of this skill, publish photos on Instagram and fully support the trend of being iron ladies.

Is it feminine? This is probably not entirely true. However, swimming will never turn your body into a pile of iron muscles but will make you beautiful, slim and always feminine, which is the most important.


In addition to swimming itself, various exercises in water and aqua aerobics are useful for health. The latter is better than land aerobics due to the absence of contraindications for exercise such as varicose veins and joint diseases. In addition, interaction with the aquatic environment gives a unique feeling close to the state of weightlessness, which is very useful for the nervous system tired of the bustle of the city.

Swim and stay always young, healthy and attractive!

Guest post by Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert at Writersquad in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.

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