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They sent us a water drone! Or mini-submarine with a camera, whatever you want to call it. The company Chasing sent us their latest version of their water drone, the Gladius mini. I have to say I am impressed. Disclaimer: We did not pay for the Drone, they agreed for us to do an honest review, also if you buy the Gladius Mini through our link in the description within 30 days of clicking it, we will get a small fee.

The camera capabilities are outstanding. In some big ways, they are better than a GoPro. It has 4k video that you can adjust right on the screen. You can adjust the hue, contrast, sharpness and the bitrate. In 1080p meaning HD video, you can even control the frames per seconds. You can go up to 120 frames per second so you can really show every movement in slow motion. The two main things that the GoPro 7 camera is superior over the gladius mini camera is it stabilizes the video by itself via software and it has up to 240 frames per second. However, since the drone pretty much stabilizes itself there is no need for extra stabilization. Also, 120 frames per second is plenty if you want to slow things down and show the details.

For its unique capabilities we will for sure use it in our next swimming camp to correct techniques and have amazing footage. If you are a coach or you are in a swim team and you think your team can benefit from having one of these, click on the link bellow. Or contact us with any of your water drone questions to skillsntalents@gmail.com

I forgot to mention one thing… It is super fun to play with! I’ll see you later!

Buy a Gladius Mini: https://www.chasing-innovation.com/gl…

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