‘Daddy went swimming’: Girl, 3, found alone on boat on Lake Granbury


A 32-year-old father who went missing Thursday at Granbury Lake has been found dead, officials said.

Rescue crews recovered his body where he was last seen by his 3-year-old daughter in their boat.

The girl was found sleeping alone inside the boat Friday morning, officials said.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said the 32-year-old father and the girl went out on their boat at Lake Granbury but never returned.

Around 9 a.m. Friday, a resident heard a phone ringing and noticed a boat that appeared adrift, according to Deeds.

When the resident went out to secure the boat, the little girl was found sleeping inside, officials said.

The resident called the police and reported the incident.

Officers said when they arrived, they only found the father’s keys, phone and his shoes on the boat.

The 3-year-old told investigators that, “Daddy went swimming.”



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