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We’ve told you about Aussie swimmer, Shayna Jack, who’s facing a possible drug ban. She tested positive for a banned substance but says she has no idea how it happened. Jack says it can be found in contaminated supplements. While her manager reckons it might have been in something she ate. So, let’s take a closer look.

Ligandrol the banned substance found in Shayna Jack’s drug test. Is supposed to help grow muscle and treat osteoporosis but professional athletes aren’t allowed to take it. Shayna says she could have come into contact with it through a contaminated supplement. Supplements are everywhere and they’re used by all kinds of people, not just athletes, to help with things like performing better, building muscle or recovery after a big workout. But, the Australian Sport Anti-doping Authority says many contain substances that pro athletes are banned from taking because they’re unsafe or give them an unfair advantage. And sometimes, those ingredients might not be written on the label so it’s best to avoid them. Shayna Jack is meeting with ASADA on Friday so hopefully we’ll get some more answers.

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