Shayna Jack not alone in returning a positive drug result for Ligandrol


The International Swimming Federation (FINA) was forced to deny any involvement in leaking the positive drug result to the public.

Executive director Cornel Marculescu has been very vocal in his distaste for Mack Horton’s stance against Sun Yang.
Horton infamously refused to stand on the podium with Yang following allegations the Chinese athlete was tampering with blood samples to avoid a drug test.

Marculescu told reporters the act had brought swimming into “disrepute” but vehemently denied any involvement in leaking Jack’s positive test.

He said he would not comment further on the matter because a final decision had not been made.

He also said Jack was “not the only one, there are another two. But we need to finish the case.”

The two other athletes are understood not to be Australians.

It remains unclear whether they were involved in the world championships in South Korea and the “facilitators” ASADA is concerned about.

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