Waterpark Offering Nude Family Swims Defends Itself Against Protesters


Paedo hunters protested outside a waterpark offering a nude family swimming session for children and adults.

Owner Mo Chaudry was accused of “encouraging paedophiles” when he offered a two-hour session allowing people to swim in the buff.

Yesterday, protesters gathered outside Waterworld in Festival Park, Stoke on Trent arguing the nude swimming event should be for over 18s only. They claimed it was wrong to take children because they are unable to give consent and said there are no background checks to get into the session – which organisers have denied.

Natasha Whitlock and Susan Quinn, from Facebook paedo hunter group Paddy’s Exposure, said the event was “wrong on so many levels”, Stoke on Trent Live reports.

‘IT’S IMMORAL’ The pair added: “It’s exposing kids, anyone can buy tickets online and CCTV cameras won’t pick up everything.

“If my children were young I’d never take them to a nudist swim, it should be 18 plus because the children can’t give consent. They will be scarred for life.”

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Photo by Thomas Tolkien

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