Doctors ‘should prescribe swimming to aid recovery from medical conditions’


Swim England has called for the medical profession to be more proactive in prescribing swimming as part of a programme of activity to manage a variety of medical conditions and aid recovery.

As part of its latest #LoveSwimming campaign, titled Moving Medicine, Swim England has issued the plea alongside inspirational stories of how swimming has helped transform the physical health of a number of people across the country who were suffering from a variety of conditions.

The individuals, who were struggling to cope with arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and chronic pain, were all prescribed swimming to help ease their conditions.

Elaine McNish, Head of Health and Wellbeing at Swim England said: “Swimming is an ideal activity which can help people manage a range of medical conditions and we are calling on the medical profession to consider recommending swimming to people who would benefit from improved physical health.

“As the government and medical profession increasingly move to prescribe exercise as a conduit to improved physical health, we believe that swimming and wider aquatic activity is increasingly the answer for many people and are calling on health professionals to consider prescribing swimming in ever increasing numbers.”

The #LoveSwimming campaign has been launched ahead of World Health Day on Sunday 7 April.


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