Bodies of Divers Found at the Bottom of Belize’s Great Blue Hole


The Great Blue Hole, a giant ocean sinkhole off the coast of Belize, is a beautiful and mysterious sight. Now, researchers working on an expedition of the sinkhole have released the first 3D maps of its interior and a minidocumentary on their submarine trip, including how they found mysterious marks and the bodies of long-lost divers at the bottom of the chasm. […]

“There were…these odd tracks, crisscrossing circles right around the center of the hole with no indication of what had made them. Mostly it was quiet and dark down there,” Bergman added. “We also encountered the resting place for two of the divers who’ve been lost in the hole. We notified the local authorities, and everyone agreed to leave them undisturbed. They are at peace.”


Photo by 2ilorg

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