Danish Olympic Champion Pernille Blume has Operation for Hole in Heart


Read svoem.dk (in Danish) – Below I have tried to translate the text:

At the beginning of the year, Danish Olympic gold winner Pernille Blume underwent a successful operation to close a small hole in the heart.

At the end of January, Pernille Blume was operated for a small hole in the heart. The procedure is a necessary prevention to reduce the risk of blood clots and cardiac arrest. The operation went as planned, and Pernille Blume has not experienced any complications in connection with the surgery, which was carried out at Rigshospitalet.

– The operation has gone well, and I am very happy that I had the surgery done. After a check-up at the hospital, it was discovered that I have had a small blood clot, and therefore had to  have also my heart checked. Here, the doctors discovered that I had a small hole in the heart that had to be closed with an operation, says Pernille Blume.

About 18 months ago, Pernille Blume experienced a number of nerve disorders in her left arm. In connection with this, she tried a range of different treatments for nerve disorders, and it was then that the experts found the small hole in the heart, to which preventative surgery was considered the optimal solution.

– I knew that in the end, it was necessary to have an operation if I wanted to reach my ambitions and goals. I have had several meetings and conversations with skilled doctors, including Team Denmark’s doctor, and in consultation with them, my trainer and chief physician Michael Rahbek Schmidt decided that I should have the hole in the heart closed, in order to reduce the risk of blood clots and cardiac arrest. Throughout the process, I felt in knowledgeable and skilled hands with chief physician Michael Rahbek Schmidt, explains Pernille Blume.

– I’m looking forward to getting back into the water at the training camp in South Africa. It will be good to get started again so I can find the balance in my body and get ready to race again. And I can already feel that it is going in the right direction thanks to the great support I have received from my trainer, Danish Swimming Union, Team Denmark’s doctor, the wonderful staff at Rigshospitalet and not least my family, says Pernille Blume.

Pernille Blume does not want to comment further on the period and the procedure described here. For further information, please refer to the Danish Swimming Union Communications Consultant, Rebecca Hegelund, on mobile (+45) 21 64 76 39.

Read svoem.dk (in Danish)

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