Dal prof marvels at researcher who free-dives with massive great white


“I imagine it would be quite a thrill for them,” Whoriskey said on Wednesday. “The only time that I’ve encountered whites has been (from the safety of) a cage.

“The idea of free diving with them is a whole different ball game. … It’s not something that I would encourage everybody to do on a regular basis. These animals are kind of two-dimensional. You kind of turn them one way and they’re in feeding mode. That’s a very different animal than the one they encountered. So there’s a certain degree of luck in being there in the right place at the right time.”

He pointed out humans are very much out of their element when they enter what is ultimately the sharks’ home.

“They rule there,” Whoriskey said. “All the advantages are in their particular court so you’re entirely there and survive at their pleasure.”

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