Olympic Champion Swimmer Uses Dogsitter, Comes Home To Find Two Shirtless Guys On Couch With Lube And Camera


Former Olympic swimmer and two-time gold medalist Klete Keller used the app Wag to find a dogsitter, and very much regretted it when he came home to find two shirtless men on his couch with “personal lubricant” and a camera.

Keller spoke with Colorado Springs–based Fox 21 News and described the scene when he arrived home. His house stunk; there were the aforementioned shirtless guys; there were “bodily fluids” on his couch; and the dogsitter was taking a shower. Oh, and his dog Jimbo was locked in a room, sitting in his own piss.

Fox 21 actually talked to the dogsitter, who asked to remain anonymous and did not have a convincing explanation for the guys and lube:

“To be completely honest, I didn’t have WD-40 and my keys were stuck in my car, so I ended up grabbing what I had in my car, for things, that you know, I do on my personal time and I didn’t think to put it back in my car,” said the woman.

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