Swimming pool drone could give parents second set of eyes on children at play


A new robot designed to give you an extra set of eyes on your swimming pool could help save children from drowning.

Lee Kambar is a father who says he was motivated to find a way to protect lives and give parents and first responders critical extra seconds to respond to possible emergencies.

The Morningstar system is a drone device that floats in the middle of your pool, KPHO reports.

Above the water’s surface, a camera with 360-degree rotation monitors movements around the pool. If someone approaches the water, a motion detector is triggered and you’ll get a notification. The camera can also recognize faces, Kambar says.

A second camera underwater will send sound and live video to your device the moment someone enters the pool.

“Say you miss that (first notification), then you get a second notification from the bottom camera showing you a live image inside the pool of your kid dealing with a crisis. From there you can push “emergency contact” and dispatch images and services to the address where Morningstar resides,” said Kambar.

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