Swimming Is a Great All-body Workout


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When temperatures rise, many people swim to beat the heat. But swimming does a lot more than give relief from hot weather. It is a great workout for the whole body.

Health experts at the University of California, Berkeley write on their website Berkeley Wellness that swimming is “an ideal way to stay in shape.”

Swimming is a high-cardio but low-impact exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise is often simply called “cardio.” Cardio involves the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. The Berkeley experts say swimming is great for your cardiovascular system. It increases your heart rate and exercises your lungs without putting stress on the rest of your body.

Some high-cardio exercises, such as running, can improve your health but can also be hard on your body. Swimming, on the other hand, is so easy on the body that people often use it to heal from injuries.

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