13-year-old swimmer on a mission to prevent drownings


No matter the weather, the water is where Madison Huertas wants to be.

“It’s so relaxing to me, almost calming, because when you’re in the water, you don’t have to think about anything else,” said Huertas.

But Huertas, 13, is one thoughtful kid. She learned to swim just a few years ago after she was inspired by watching Missy Franklin compete in the 2012 Olympics.

“I was afraid of the water until I was 8 years old,” Huertas said.

Now, she is a competitive swimmer, and she has another mission to get other kids and grown-ups to learn how to be safe in the pool.

She has launched a public campaign, writing articles, and she plans to start a non-profit to help with swim lessons and advocate for lifeguards at apartment pools.

“Every time I turn on the news, [I see] another drowning in an apartment complex,” said Huertas.


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