Update: Swimmer dies after trying to save 2 kids from drowning


News 5 has confirmed the Good Samaritan who helped save two children from drowning in Navarre has died. According to Fire Chief Danny Fureigh with Navarre Beach Fire Rescue, the man died Saturday at the hospital.

Fureigh states in a news release:

On Saturday March 24th at 6:14 pm, Navarre Beach Fire Rescue was dispatched to lifeguard tower 3 for multiple patients in the water. Once onscene the crew located several patients in the water and launched the Waverunner to rescue the patients. Crew was enroute to an unconscious victim just past the surf break but the rough surf hindered their progress. Navarre Beach resident and avid surfer Alexander Julio was surfing and rescued a 10 year old swimmer who the victim was attempting to rescue. Bystanders and Santa Rosa Sheriffs Deputies pulled the unconscious man from the surf and Firefighters and the Deputies administered CPR and transported the victim to a nearby ambulance. The waverunner with 1 firefighter pulled in 3 additional victims who were in distress and unable to make it back to shore. Fort Walton Beach Medical center confirmed the passing of the original would be rescuer.


Photo by mamamusings

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