A posture trainer works, if you want it to


The purpose of the Go isn’t simply to track, but also to train. When you first use the device, you plug your weight, age and height into the companion app, and it comes up with a personalized training schedule for you. Each day, you have to sit or stand with good posture for a certain amount of time to get your gold star. The time increases gradually (it creeps up in minute increments) for a few weeks until you complete the program. After this, Upright recommends training in 20-minute sessions a few times per week.

I don’t see a great deal of value in this personalized schedule. I was barely done poking around the app before my first day’s goal of nine minutes was up. The next day I was challenged to sit still for 10 minutes, and so on. Unless you’re a fidgety toddler, it’s really not hard. I came to realize it wasn’t supposed to be. The idea is to lure you, through easily achievable goals, into forming a positive habit.

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