Walrus Hug Leaves Two Dead From Drowning


Spectators at the Xixiajou Wildlife Park in China were horrified to watch a 3,300 pound walrus killing two people. The first was a tourist, a man from Liaoning in Northeast China, who was visiting the park and lost his footing, falling into the walrus pool. While hugging the man, the walrus inadvertently pulled him underwater, drowning him. The trainer of the walrus jumped into the water to try to save the visitor while he was still flailing and fighting for his life, but the monstrous animal wrapped its arms around both men and plunged them deep underwater, leaving the two men dead. According to Fox News, officials at the zoo told local media they initially thought the walrus was just demonstrating his usual playful behavior with his longtime trainer, engaging in a hug, so they didn’t think he was in any danger. Sadly, however, not only was the tourist dead, but the trainer lost his life as well.

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