Great White Shark ‘Swallowed Whole’ Man Free Diving Off Australian Coast


A man who was free diving with spear fishermen off the South Australian coast was “swallowed whole” by a great white shark.

During an inquest hearing into the death of 28-year-old teacher Sam Kellett, witnesses described the February 2014 shark attack that ended his life.

“It made me turn around back out to sea and as I turned around I saw the tail of a shark come out of the water and it was thrashing around,” Aaron Whitaker said at the hearing, according to ITV. “I put my face under the water to see the shark but I could not see it. All of a sudden a white pointer shark came out of the murky water vertically towards the surface behind me and almost launched itself out of the water.”

Witness Nicholas Carson said at the hearing he saw the 16-foot-long shark jump out of the water during the attack.

“I saw the whole body of a shark surface out of the water and dive down again into the water,” he said, according to Adelaide Now. “It looked like a great white shark. It happened so fast.”

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