OpenROV Trident – An Underwater Drone for Everyone


After the OpenROV team had been designing their own drones for almost half a decade, they decided to create an open source solution for consumers to enjoy. The Trident underwater drone comes ready to operate out of the box and is aimed at being easy to use for those new with the hobby. Best of all, everything is packed into a sleek, yet powerful, form factor.

OpenROV says that they “painstakingly throughout” the Trident’s design to optimize its performance and usability. They claim that the unit’s specially hydrodynamically offset thruster design allows the Trident to move quickly when needed or maneuver delicately when desired.

The form factor of Trident is “small enough to fit in a backpack or fit under an airplane seat”, so you can take the unit wherever you are headed. OpenROV notes that the unit’s sides are molded with firm rubber that protect it “from underwater obstacles as well as rough handling.”

For those wanting to know the technical specifications, the Trident can dive to a depth of 100m and move at a top speed of 2 m/s. The best part is that, unlike aerial drones with short battery capacities, the Trident can last up to three hours of run time.

See PetaPixel and KickStarter

And oh, they reached their $50,000 goal in only 5 minutes, and are at $540,000+ now

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