Backstroke Your Way Around the World on a Swim Tour


You’ve heard of cycling tours, where vacationers ride bikes from destination to destination. You can also take running trips, touring the rugged countryside or city landscapes by foot.

Now, add swim travel to that list.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds, with a growing number of swim tour operators. Vacationers can take a dip in the Gulf of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Montenegro. Or swim their way across the British Virgin Islands. The companies take care of all the logistics, including boat lodgings.

“It’s becoming really popular because people are tired of going to the beach and doing nothing,” said Nina Strel, of Strel Swimming Adventures, which takes people on trips to the waters of Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Lake Powell in the U.S.

Strel and Swim Vacation are two of the major swim tour companies, along with Swim Trek and The Big Blue Swim. While details vary between trips, most of the itineraries include a planned swim in the morning to a hidden cove, across a gorgeous reef, or to explore underwater shipwrecks. You have lunch, go for a hike, and get some feedback on your stroke before another swim in the afternoon.

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