Tips to Help Prevent Swimmer’s Ear


Guest post by EarQ

Otitis externa is an infection of the ear canal, more commonly referred to as swimmer’s ear. The most common cause of this infection water becoming trapped in the ear canal and promoting rapid bacteria growth.

Common symptoms of the infection include itching, pain, and swelling of the ear. Most cases aren’t too serious, but they should still be treated properly to avoid an increase in infection and permanent damage. It’s recommended that you consult a healthcare professional if you suspect you have swimmer’s ear.

The best way to treat swimmer’s ear is to avoid contracting it in the first place, and the following tips can help with prevention:

    • Never stick foreign objects into your ear
    • Keep your ears as dry as possible
    • Avoid swimming in water with high bacteria levels
    • Wear custom swimmer’s plugs

Whether you swim for exercise, recreation, or just to cool off on hot summer days, following these tips can ensure your ears a remain safe and infection-free.

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