DHB Wetsuit Test under the Turning Torso


First test of the new dbh wetsuit completed here by the beach near the Turning Torso in Malmö.

The wetsuit is fine, especially compared to its price point. I had no problems with chafing, which is the main issue that I have experienced with other (and back then more expensive) brands.

The suit I got is a bit too snug for me (or vice versa, ahem), but felt OK when I had managed to put it on. I wouldn’t say that my undressing speed is of competitive triathlon standard, but maybe it will get better over time.

One funny thing is that it was a bit too lose in the back, under the zipper. No biggie here, but this might get interesting when I try it in the cold waters of the Faroe Islands.

But still, thumbs up from here. The insulation is absolutely OK for main Scandinavian waters, and I like that it is thin. Floating is perfectly fine too, but maybe again that is just me :”-)


My camera crew got an ice cream for their efforts.


A full review will follow later.

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