Best Age for Swim Lessons


It won’t be long before the pools, lakes, and beach waters are filled with kids and adults. Knowing how to swim can be the difference between life and death.

So at what age should you start thinking about swim lessons? The folks at the YMCA in Montgomery recommend you start with a class for parents and toddlers if your child is under the age of three.

“That acclimates the parent and the toddler to the water and the aquatic environment,” said YMCA Aquatic Director Daniel Blazer. “It also allows parents to learn some techniques to get them ready for the next stage of stroke development.”

While this stage is more about getting comfortable in the water, the “real” swim lessons can start by the age of three. And the more advance lessons can start at the age of six. Swim teachers say the more exposure your little one has to the water the more they will like it.

“The lesson not only teaches stroke development, it also teaches water safety, how to have fun in the water, and some emergency rescues skills if they’re ever needed,” Blazer said.

And when it comes to swim lessons there is no age limit. They start with babies and go all the way up to adults of any age. Instructors say it is a little tougher for most adults to pick it up, but they eventually get the hang of it. It can truly be a life saver and open up a whole new world of fun.

See WSFA Montgomery Alabama news.

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