How to train & break the 50m breaststroke world record


A notable part of the session sees Adam do stand-ups – 4x100m breaststroke at maximum speed with no swimdown in between, the lactate building each time.

After the second he is bright red, his eyes closed and he is blowing.

By the time he has done his third 100m pain is etched on his face, he leans his head on his upper arm and eventually hauls himself out to sit down on poolside.

When he has completed the fourth all colour has drained from his face.

Where does that session rank in terms of physical demands?

He grimaces: “That is one of the hardest.

“You can’t naturally get any faster, your body has already been pushed to the limit.

“It’s harder to do grueller sets – 10x100s, 10x75s, 10x50s – just because your body is already knackered.

“Those sets you need to be about 110% velocity and it’s harder to get up there.”

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