A Crazy Way to Uncork Sparkling Wine: Under Water


Disgorging is part of the traditional method for either sparkling wine or Champagne where you remove the yeast sediment. After the second fermentation, the wine rests on lees (dead yeast cells.) In most wineries, the yeast cells are disgorged, generally by freezing the yeast plug and removing it, before final corking and caging.

But Movia Puro Rose is one of the few wines that left this process out. When you order a bottle in a restaurant, the bottle is disgorged tableside underwater.

Consider it a science experiment. When the neck is immersed in water, the cage is removed. From there, you’ll wait in eager anticipation as pressure builds up. Then, the cork pops out, along with the yeast plug.

The wine is then poured and ready to drink, free of any yeast sediment. Supposedly the extra time on the yeast lends itself to a creamier wine. We’ll let you be the decider. If anything, it makes the evening more fun.


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