Park Tae-hwan Submits Tapes in Doping Scandal


Star swimmer Park Tae-hwan submitted to prosecutors a tape recording of conversations he had with the head of the clinic that injected him with testosterone, a banned substance for athletes.

Some media reports say Park is heard to chide the doctor for allegedly failing to inform him that the injections he received contained the banned substance.

The physician said Wednesday he did not know Park had recorded their conversations and that the swimmer “never raised his voice” at him.

“We inform all of our patients who receive our anti-aging program that they are given male hormone therapy and we told Park Tae-hwan as well,” he added.

“In late October or early November of last year, Park Tae-hwan’s sister came to our hospital and asked us about the injections,” he said. “At first she said Park had failed a doping test, then said he didn’t, and then that he seems to have been caught ‘a little bit.'”

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