Extreme selfies: diver poses with great white shark


The selfie trend has been embraced by everyone from astronauts and fighter pilots to world leaders and the Pope.

But Dutch conservation photographer Peter Verhoog decided to go one step further – by posing for a personal shot with a passing great white shark.

The 59-year-old, a director of the Dutch Shark Society, leaned out of the divers’ cage to capture these spectacular frames off the coast of Guadeloupe, Mexico. […]

Peter, who shot the startling selfies in September, said: “I began making selfies with all kinds of sharks – mostly for fun.

“Only later I realized that they could show people what sharks are like – when behaving normally, there is no danger.

“People are not a prey for great white sharks – they feed on fish and marine mammals like seals.

“Furthermore, they are careful predators, and sometimes examine people by bumping into them, or taking a bite – the famous ‘mistaken identity’.

“Then they let go – we are just not as fat and nourishing as a seal is. But a bite can be fatal.

“We are not on the menu, but we can be in the way.”

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