Dundee songstress dives into Scotland’s first underwater music video


Shooting a music video in a swimming pool was an ambitious move for Nicola Madill, especially when she could barely swim a length, or breadth for that matter.

Nevertheless, the Dundee songstress plans to make filming history in Scotland.

In a collaboration with award-winning film makers Flyboy Creative, Nicola’s new video Mia will be shot entirely underwater depicting an extraordinary fantasy world.

Due to release before Christmas this year, the video follows a struggle between a mermaid and Mia, the mermaid queen.

Part of the video will be filmed in a swimming pool although the team are still scouting secret outdoor locations.

Production safety will be led by underwater cinematography expert Lindsay Brown, founder of Stray Seal.

So while Nicola is practicing her breast stroke before gearing up in mermaid regalia, she knows at least she’s in safe hands.

“I told the production team I was an average swimmer,” admits Nicola. “But the truth is I could barely swim the breadth of a pool so I’m now training every day.

See STV Dundee and Kickstarter

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