Branko Petrovic sets breath holding world record in Dubai


The Fazza Freediving champion, Branko Petrovic, has set a new Guinness World Record in Static Apnea also known as the longest breath hold under water on a single breath of air.

The previous freediving world record was set in 2009 by Stephane Mifsude in France with a time of 11 minutes and 35 seconds.

Branko Petrovic broke the Guinness World Record on October 7 in Dubai setting the new world record at 11 minutes and 54 seconds.

Upon his attempt to break his own world record three days later at the SPEARO Extreme Sports Expo and in front of a large crowd of spectators, Branko surfaced at exactly 11 minutes and 35 seconds.

The crowd reacted with shocked disbelief when on his expo attempt at Skydive Dubai he missed a new record by one second.

“I tested the water earlier in the day and it was too hot, so I asked them to put some ice in the water. That was my mistake. I miscalculated that and then it was too cold,” said Petrovic.

Just when the crowd thought Petrovic had failed in his bid, Guinness World Records judge Pravin Patel announced that the freediver had already set a new world record in Dubai three days before.

“The new Guinness World Record for Static Apnea (holding your breath) is 11 minutes 54 seconds set by Branko Petrovic on October 7, under the supervision of the Guinness adjudicators.”

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(Petrovic at the Serbian Championships)

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