BLN2014 Travel Journal Day 1: Planes, Trains & Automobiles


So I have travelled all day today, and am knackered. Pál says breakfast is at 7 AM, which is 6 AM in the time zone I left this morning, so I’d better go to bed now. Just a few words before bedtime.

The trip went okay, especially until I hit Berlin. Then there was a minor issue with misinformation between my camp and the people here, which ended up with me finding my own transport to the wrong hotel.

But it was okay. I saw the Hauptbahnhof and the Brandenburg Gate and the Opera and the Cathedral before landing on Alexanderplatz, and then sat down there for a while before going on to where I was supposed to go.

Upon arrival at Landsberger Allé, the people there were lightning fast to give me my accreditation, and to check me in at the hotel.

So we’re good. Tomorrow, it will be the men’s 5k in Grünau, with our guy Pál Joensen also competing. I’m looking forward to it !

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