Shark Spits Water Into Surprised Swimmer’s Face


Not so fin-tastic! Six-foot nurse shark projectile vomits water into surprised swimmer’s face .

Forget sharp-toothed attacks!

This is the moment a shark projectile vomits water into a surprised swimmer’s face.

Corey Bonalewicz, 26, a radio DJ from New Orleans, Louisiana, was getting friendly with a six-foot nurse shark while holidaying in Cancun, Mexico, when the unpleasant incident occurred.

A video shows him stroking the big fish on the nose, before it suddenly hurled a jet of liquid into his eyes.
Mr Bonalewicz’s girlfriend, Alicia Aucoin, also giggles away as does the shark handler.

Showing that the nurse shark is really a big softie, Miss Aucoin proceeds to give it a big hug.

Mr Bonalewicz didn’t seem too bothered by his shark ‘attack’ and shared the humorous moment with fans on YouTube, titling the 15-second clip ‘Shark throws up in guys face!’

Courtesy of 9news channel on YouTube

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