Doctor says monitor child’s behavior after swimming to avert secondary drowning



Secondary drowning is a term that’s being thrown around on social media and even in news reports recently, and while it’s getting a lot of attention now, doctors say it’s been a problem for as long as people have been around water.

With summer officially here, it’s a good time to remind parents what it is and what to do if your kids are acting strangely after swimming.

A little boy named Ronin nearly died weeks ago. Ronin accidentally ended up in the water, but his mom got him out in seconds. Still, he had inhaled enough water to nearly kill him due to something called secondary drowning according to a blog by his mom.

“It’s the body’s reaction to the water. What happens is when they go under the water, they get a little bit of chlorine or salt water in their lungs and then over time, over 6 to 12 hours, the body reacts to that. That’s when they get inflammation in the lungs and then they get fluid in the lungs,” said Dr. Sarah Hoehn from the University of Kansas Hospital.

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