AquaNotes: the waterproof notepad designed for the shower (and swimmers?)


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Ever had a great idea in the shower which has vanished by the time you’re out?
 Hundreds of scientific breakthroughs must have been missed in this way, millions of birthday presents forgotten and novel ideas lost.

AquaNotes waterproof shower notepad may be the answer as it promises “no more great ideas down the drain”.

It works like a normal notepad except it is waterproof and can be stuck to a shower wall.

The product is on sale on Amazon for £4.50 and says it is: “Great for shower thinkers, families on the go, boaters, field workers, artists, doodlers and students.”

You can also relax by doodling or leave messages for your family or flatmates.

A pad includes 40 sheets and a graphite pencil.

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