Danes coin Faroese Pier Plunging Craze as BreakNekNomination


See The Copenhagen Post (and our original story here)

After all, why peer-pressure somebody into sinking a few shots, when you can dare them to risk life and limb to sink like a stone into the icy waters of a built-up harbour?

So yeah, the shame is on us.


The fad has btw passed by now (for now?), about the same time as a popular local musician shamed everyone back with his musical nomination answer ‘a stupid time’ (or something like that, translated)

Right, let me try to translate it (more or less directly, badly, without trying to rhyme)

A seriously stupid time
Too many selfies and Paradise Hotel
An ego battle
They nod “yes” and are nice

But hell no
I am not gonna jump
Even if you have nominated me
Maybe this irritates you

I promise you
A bigger finger you will probably not get from me
It is so fun!
No, is there any hope
“Oh”, who is a first class clown

But promise me
When you see the next stupid Facebook game
Don’t nominate me
Since there is no chance
I don’t want to play the clown

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