Male Swimmers Score Highly in Top 10 ‘Hottest’ Sports


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Good news for male swimmers. According to dating website, Victoria Milan, male swimmers score third highest in the hottest sports stars league table because of their fit bodies!

In the survey of over 3,000 women, the body was ranked the number one attraction of sports stars, with 39% of women voting for a trim, toned and taut physique. […]

  1. Surfing 23.4%
  2. Football 16.2%
  3. Swimming 12.5%
  4. Baseball 8.9%
  5. Tennis 8.4%
  6. Motor Sport 7.3%
  7. Rugby 6.4%
  8. Basketball 6.3%
  9. Golf 6.1%
  10. Athletics 4.5%

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