11-Year-Old Girl Saves Lady From Drowning In A Florida Swimming Pool


Read Inquisitr and see USA Today

An eleven-year-old girl has become a local superstar after she saved the life of a woman who had fallen in to a Florida swimming pool. The incident happened at the swimming pool of Cape Shores condominiums where the lady, Kathy McElmurray had gone for a swim, reports USA Today. According to eyewitnesses, Kathy was floating on a foam noodle in the swimming pool when she suddenly fell in to the water and started drowning. The mishap happened at the deep end of the pool.

When Kathy woke up in a hospital, she had no memory of the incident. It seems, she had blacked out moments before she fell into the swimming pool and started drowning. But Kathy was told that she owes her life to the efforts of a brave 11-year-old girl, Maya DiGiacomo who showed the presence of mind to reach out to Kathy who was at the far end of the swimming pool, when she sensed danger.

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