Pier Plunging craze now sweeping Norway too


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A new cold-water bathing craze has spread so fast on Norway’s social media since it was imported from the Faroe Islands a week ago, that the man who started it now fears no one in the entire country will escape.

The ‘Jump in the Sea Challenge’ sees victims dared to throw themselves into icy waters to avoid a penalty, which normally involves buying the challenger large amounts of alcohol.  They then nominate others with their own challenge.

(warning, Borat mankini)

More than a thousand Norwegians have already signed up to a Facebook group where those who have accepted the dare post videos of their dives.


Roy Poulsen, who brought the craze to Norway, told Dagbladet he had been amazed at how quickly the craze had caught on.

“I am half Faroese and half Norwegian,” he told the newspaper. ” It was my eight-year-old daughter, who lives in the Faroe Islands, who first challenged me. The penalty for not carrying out is usually to buy alcohol for the challenger, but my daughter wanted a trip to the cinema.” […]

The challenge has the hashtag #hoppihavetutfordring on Instagram.

Status back here on the Faroe Islands is that this craze has just about swept the entire nation by now. A few have come forward to warn about it, but I guess the rest just thought it was fun and awesome. Like when a bunch of visibly inebriated jumped after midnight, last weekend.

As mentioned in my original post, this craze probably stems from a Danish marketing stunt that forgot its origin along the way.

I should have a ‘sigh’ category

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