Coach Hill expected more South African swimmers to qualify


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Graham Hill, national coach of Swimming South Africa (SSA), said he left the national swimming trials for the Commonwealth Games a disappointed man after the conclusion in the Kings Park pool in Durban on Saturday.

“The final night was a big disappointment as I expected at least another two or three qualifying times tonight,” Hill said on Saturday.

“I thought Rene Warnes (400 individual medley) and Myles Brown (1500 freestyle) should at least have qualified as they came so close.

“I expected to have 12 swimmers overall to qualify for the Commonwealth Games, but now we only have nine.”

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  1. Let’s face it. Qualifiers schmalifiers. The only real swimmers, I.e., potential medal winners and not just spear carriers, are LeClos, Van Der Burg, Schoeman and Tandy plus maybe Zorzi. Doe he think Prinsloo’s gonna make the podium in anything? She”s god by RSA standards but the Canuks, Limeys and Aussies are far too tough for her.

    Better to have a few win many than many win none.

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