Corsuit swim belt could prove gold in the pool, and Sprenger likes it



It’s the simple device that could help the Australian Swim Team reach for more gold – and it was developed right here in Brisbane.

The Corsuit straps on like a belt, keeping a swimmer’s spine straight and body streamlined.

With their lungs lower and their hips higher in the water, the swimmer gains a mechanical advantage because their muscles are positioned to generate maximum power and minimum drag.

Developed and prototyped in 2010 by Sam James while studying industrial design at QUT, he’s now commercialised the performance-enhancer with the help of the university’s innovation arm, bluebox.

“2010 was a tough year for swimming because it was the year that full bodysuits were banned from competition, which immediately slowed swimmers down,” said Mr James, himself a former national-level swimmer.

Christian Sprenger has it in his toolbox, see SwimVortex

After a week during which he topped the world rankings with sizzling times over 50 and 100m breaststroke at Australian trials, Christian Sprenger has revealed one of the secrets to his success: the Corsuit, a training device that straps on like a belt, keeping spine straight and body streamlined.

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