Police officers held drowning bull’s head above water for 3 hours


See ABC Action News, via Arbroath

“I saw big nostrils going underwater and staying underwater with water blowing out,” Ammons said. An animal lover herself, she didn’t hesitate to jump into the retention pond to rescue the bull.

“I stripped everything off that the sheriff’s office really cares about,” she joked. “And then I got in.”

For the next three hours, Ammons and her partners kept holding the bull’s head above the water’s surface as Hillsborough County Fire Rescue brought a truck with a winch and slowly attached the bull to several straps.

Slowly but surely, the winch tugged the bull to safety.

“I’m amazed that the deputy was able to hold his head up out of that water,” said Charles Cochran, the bull’s owner. “You’re looking at several hundred pounds.”

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