Yuliya Efimova’s medical advisor reacts to her positive doping test


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Yuliya Efimova’s Medical Advisor and Conditioning Coach about Substance Abuse

Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi, medical advisor and conditioning coach in professional Sports, on the breaking news about Yuliya Efimova’s positive doping test

You have been working with Ms. Efimova’s as her personal physician and conditioning coach for a few years now. What was your reaction to the recent press releases?

Home Gharavi (HG):
Of course it is shocking. Yet, my first question was ‘how did it happen?’. I have known Yuliya since 2009. She has been to Germany on and off for treatment. In 2013, we started a structured cooperation, where I have been responsible for her land-based training, but also for manual treatment. Working so closely, especially during intensive moments at the London Games, the WC in Barcelona, and the Europeans in Denmark, you get to know the person quite well. Of all the professional athletes I have been working with, Yuliya is one of the most articulate and correct persons. So, the first thoughts in my mind were some wild conspiracy theories.

So you doubt the results?

No. The Anti-Doping routines are absolutely reliable and secure … professionally as well as legally. So, I personally have no doubts about that. The results must be accepted as correct. Yuliya called me in a moment of confusion and fear and we had to go back and look for the reason on her side. This morning she told me before boarding the plane to los angeles, that despite of the disastrous news, she still appreciates that the anti-doping system truly makes a big contribution to keep the sport clean.

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